UK’s Best Betting Websites

Welcome to My Best Betting Sites! We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing the latest sports betting sites and have listed the best sports betting brands below for your convenience. We’ve also detailed a thorough guide on everything you need to consider when choosing a betting site!

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In today’s scenario, availability of quality entertainment has made life easier and more enjoyable. The cumulative fan-following of international sports like tennis, soccer, football, basketball, horse racing, etc. has given rise to several prestigious tournaments. Consequently, online betting has emerged not just as a popular means of recreation, but also as a thriving industry in the United Kingdom. By testing luck in different events, one can easily convert a few meager pennies into a great fortune. The thrill of wagering your hard-earned cash in a life-changing game makes it all more interesting.

Probably, this is why most of the seasoned punters and game fans turn into bookmakers these days. If you have recently developed a liking to odds, accumulators and everything that can reap plenty of money, you should read a sports betting guide. In the next couple of paragraphs, you’ll find comprehensive information on betting using which you can easily establish yourself as a seasoned punter.

Betting Sites and Their Significance in Today’s World

football bettingOnline betting is the practice of predicting the results of a sports event or a game by placing a wager on a particular aspect of the game. It requires in-depth knowledge of the game, lots of market research, skills and quick thinking.

Today, a majority of punters place wagers on boxing, team sports, college events, political polls, racing, etc. at amateur as well as professional levels.

Other than the sports leagues, punters can also test their luck in casinos, bingos, lottery and poker. Awareness and observance will take you a long way. However, the advice offered by a seasoned bookie always comes in handy for new players.

Online Betting Sites VS High Street Bookmakers

In technical terms, the definition of a “bookmaker” and a “sportsbook” is almost similar. All bookies provide their members with odds on different races and sports. Sometimes, they may also offer extras like casinos and poker rooms. Therefore, both the terms are often used in interchangeable sense. However, determining the technical differences between the two will help determine what is more suitable for you.

While ‘bookmaker’ is a term commonly used in Europe, United Kingdom and Australia, a ‘Sportsbook’ is relatively an American phrase.

horse raceSportsbook usually covers a wide range of team sports that the gambling fans are likely to enjoy. This includes most American sports like football, basketball, college sports, ice hockey, tennis, golf and soccer.

Racing is the most common exclusion from their list. It’s because odds for the events like greyhound, horse or harness racing are dedicated to a specific section called ‘racebook.’ A few sportsbooks like BetUS, aside from include horse racing in their sports section, provide a comprehensive ‘Race Book’ which covers different racing events.

Contrary to this, Bookmakers operate in almost the same manner, but their services are more or less connected to the European market. Therefore, you’ll find odds for all popular sports in the UK as well as the US. Besides, most bookmakers have lucrative promotions and bonuses dedicated to specific sections. Their bonuses run in conjugation with NFL, soccer, football and other games.

For instance, Bodog and Bet365 are two big bookies that can create unique promotion coded dedicated to a particular team, event or match. They also sponsor particular teams of premier leagues. One thing that distinguishes bookmakers from other websites is that they set up an all-inclusive site comprising of a racebook, sportsbook, poker room and a casino.

The common thing is that both providers allow live bets or in-play betting, wherein bets are placed before or during an event. You can also change your betting style, as the odds change, to make more money with the flow of the match.

How to Select the Right Betting Sites

stadiumFirst and foremost, it’s important for you to select your favourite sport. If you don’t have any particular choice, you might want to consider an all-rounder like William Hill or Bet365 that focus on a variety of matches including football, soccer, handball, rugby, etc.

If you’re fond of particular tournaments, you would like Ladbrokes whereas racing fans will cherish the events displayed on Sky Bet or similar websites.

In short, your personal choice and budget plays an important role here. You might want to consider other factors like:

  • Types of bets covered
  • Best value for the bet
  • Deposit and withdrawal options
  • Website structure, in-betting option and live streaming
  • Reviews and recommendations

The Advantages of New Betting Sites

One of the biggest benefits of betting on new websites is that they use a simpler, user-friendly interface to attract attention. It’s convenient to log into their browser or mobile apps, plus they generally offer you numerous options for depositing or withdrawing money. Compared to offline brokers and old bookers, the odds and line available on new betting websites are frequently better. In simpler words, they have a greater impact on the returns.

Having multiple accounts, one on each website will help you compare the lines and odds when placing a wager. Thus, you can easily wager money wherever you find the best value for your bet.

Seeing that competition is consistently rising, the new websites try to cover almost every tournament, league and competition. Thus, new websites give you a better opportunity to win. They also try to attract users by introducing lucrative offers and advantageous bonuses. At some sites, you can earn a ‘welcome bonus’ on your first deposit and use it for placing future bets. It might seem too good to be true at first, but new betting sites surely try these tricks to lure more customers and you must avail this benefit.

Mobile Betting Sites

mobile bettingSmall, compact and portable 6 to 10-inch mobiles have easily replaced computers and laptops in our homes. The biggest convenience of using a mobile is that you can easily access any particular betting site anytime and anywhere. The betting area is just one-click away from you.

Many top bookmakers of the world like 10Bet, Coral, BetVector, BetFred and ToteSport offer mobile-downloadable applications for Android, Windows and iOS platforms so that users can gain real-time benefits. You just have to download their mobile/tablet compatible apps on your phones and get going!

What Makes a Good Betting Site

If you’re seeking a good betting site to start with, here are a few factors that determine its value online.

Transparent Policies

Websites that are up-front about their terms, conditions and regulatory status are ideally the most suitable sites for a punter. Being licensed by a reputed financial authority is one way to prove credibility in the market. Punters must go for websites that display clear, intelligible details regarding their license and their contact information.

User-friendly Website Interface

First impressions are last impressions. This axiom is especially true in case of websites. Just imagine when you open a website to seek live updates on a particular event. When you see a bunch of gibberish, misplaced information displayed on the home page, it instantly turns you off. Websites that are simpler to navigate and are accessible anytime from any platform are preferred by the users.

Live Betting

Live betting or in-play betting is an easy and exciting method of placing bets. As a game changes its course, it gets easier to modify bets. Suppose you have placed a wager on your favourite team before the match, but as the event kicks off, you can place an in-play bet on other team. This way, even if you lose your first bet, you can rely on the live bet to save a fair share of your money.

Live markets keep changing with time. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the changing graph to modify your bets.

Great Odds

Always sign up for a website that provides competitive odds. Try to join several odds because this way you can shop the lines. If you aren’t happy with the odds displayed on your current betting side, you can look for more alternative to save money.

More Opportunities

Best websites let you bet on a plethora of sporting events for added convenience. Some of them add online casinos and poker too so that you can stop by even when you’re done with your favourite leagues.

Betting Applications

It isn’t possible for users to access a browser via laptop or computer every time, especially when they are travelling outside. In this case, having a swift, convenient and user-friendly betting application comes in handy!

Promotional Offers, Free Bets & VIP Programs

Nearly all websites offer new members with a ‘welcome bonus,’ which they can claim on their first deposit. Nevertheless, as you start betting regularly, some sites reward you with rewards and promotional codes that let you win extra bets. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties. You get extra money for future bets and the bookies earn a loyal customer in return.

A few sites offer VIP programs or ‘customer loyalty rewards’ that let you earn money as you rank up on their sites. This motivates the customers to stick around for some time.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

With so many secure payment gateways coming up, it has become easier for people to invest money overseas. A good website covers all means of monetary transactions including credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro etc.), e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, cheques, Western Union as well as direct money transfers. This way, it gets easier to exchange money.

Online Customer Support and Safety

Last but not the least, it’s the primary duty of every provider to maintain the confidentiality clause at their end. A responsible bookie not just keeps your confidential information secret, but also handles your queries and complains with ease. They should also be approachable via mails, phones or live chat systems, should a query arise.

So, these are some major factors that should be kept in mind while venturing into the online betting arena. Next time you brace yourself for a wager, make sure that you consider all the aforementioned aspects.